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Concrete Rehabilitation and Overlays

Concrete Projects specializes in concrete repair and concrete restoration. Concrete Projects is not limited to a single concrete repair method; our experience and expertise combine specialized and conventional concrete repair methods to provide the most practical solutions for all concrete repair projects.

Concrete Projects can deliver on every phase including:

  • Assisting owners and engineers in problem identification.
  • Development of concrete repair options and feasibility studies.
  • Budget pricing of repair options and delivery options to meet your facility’s needs.
  • Turn-key delivery and management of the complete repair process.
  • Design-build contracts
  • Maintenance contracts

Reasons for Concrete Rehabilitation

Some of the reasons that concrete in a parking garage or structure needs to be restored have to do with water. Water can leak through cracks or failed joints. Water can also contain corrosive substances and chlorides that breakdown concrete or cause corrosion. And the alkali-silica reaction (ASR) in some older concrete structures can also break down the concrete, possibly requiring a repair or complete rebuild.

Another common problem is rebar corrosion, as rebar can rust and damage the structure of the concrete.

What to Look For Concrete Rehabilitation and Overlays

Visual signs of concrete deterioration are cracks, rust stains, efflorescence, water leakage, concrete spalling and hollow sounding delaminations.  Other signs of deterioration include wear, exposed aggregates, discoloration and settlement.

What to Do

Ensuring that the concrete structures will remain safe and functional for years to come requires maintenance and repair. Contact Concrete Projects and let us take a look at the structure and show you why we should be your repair contractor of choice.

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