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Concrete Projects is able to construct or apply a number of different flooring systems:

Concrete Flooring- We place concrete floors with an array of finishes, either ready mixed or batched in house.

Concrete Rehabilitation and Overlays- Using sound concstruction principles we incorporate methods to restore concrete floors. We have several methods fo repairing floors- rangin from cutting and replacing problem areas through to casting a structural overlay over severally damaged floors.

Epoxy Flooring- Backed by several of the proprietary product suppliers, we supply and apply an immense range of very specialized floor coatings.
Vinyl Flooring- Our work force structure is well suited to the installation of vinyl from the surface preparation, self-leveling and application of vinyl.
Industrial Flooring- Using our specially designed range of proprietary products we can cast structurally sound industrial overlays within critical tolerances.
Commercial Flooring and Domestic Flooring– Using proprietary products we can achieve a hard wearing high end finish floor.